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Hardwood floor care
1.  Keep floors clean.
    Dirt and grit on a hardwood floor can act like sandpaper which will abrade and dull the floor finish.  Use walk off mats at all exterior doors.  Vacuum floors regularly with a soft brush attachment.  Check to make sure that your vacuum cleaner wheels don't scratch your floors as you move it around.

2.  Use furniture glides on furniture.
    Use felt furniture glides on all furniture.  A good selection of furniture glides is available at your local hardware store.  It is best to use a thick felt type.  Be sure to keep plenty of extras around the house because they tend to wear out and often fall off.

3.  Clean up spills promptly.
    Use a clean damp cloth for wet spills.  Use a vacuum or broom for dry spills and abrasives.

4.  Use rugs and runners in high traffic areas.
    Rugs can enhance the beauty of hardwood floors and help to protect them in problem areas.

5.  Damp mop floors periodically.
    When your floors need damp mopping, add one cup of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water.  Use a clean cloth or sponge mop.  Wring nearly dry before mopping.  Never leave water standing on your floor.  Excessive amounts of water can cause your floor to swell and cup.  We also recommend Bona Floor Care Products.

6.  Never use wax or chemical cleaners.
    Never use waxes or cleaners such as Pledge.  Once wax has been applied, your floors can not be recoated.  Try to avoid wax overspray when dusting furniture.

7.  When moving furniture pick it up rather than sliding it.

8.  Never roll your refrigerator directly on the floor.
    If you need to move the refrigerator, roll it onto a piece of 1/4 inch plywood.  Dents from the refrigerator wheels are a common problem.

9.  No spike high heels.
    When a 125lb. woman takes a step in high heels, she exerts 2,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.  An exposed heel nail can exert up to 8,000 psi.  This can create a lot of damage on any floor.

10.  Keep pet claws properly trimmed.
    Heavy animals can be a hardwood floors worst enemy.  Keep claws trimmed to avoid excessive scratches.

11.  Beware of water damage.
    If you notice a water problem such as leaks around toilets, dishwashers or doors, have the problem fixed promptly.  Water damage can be very costly.  Also, make sure that potted plants and pet watering bowls are not causing damage.

12.  Use a humidifier in your home throughout the winter months.
    This will keep wood movement and shinkage to a minimum.  Remember that wood constrantly expands and contracts.  Some movement is to be expected especially during the changing of seasons.

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